How To Cure A Sinus Infection

Sinus infections can range from mild to severe. The body tries to fight the infection as best it can. A mild sinus infection may go away by itself with some non-medical treatments while a more severe infection may require medications and care from a doctor.

Medical sinus treatments

There are medical treatments that can be used to cure sinus infection. Some involve over the counter medications while others require prescription.

Start with over the counter medications for sinus cure. Many of these are also used for the treatment of allergies. They usually work by drying the sinuses and shrink the swelling. Take aspirin or acetaminophen for headache or facial pain. Nasal sprays may be helpful for short-term relief of a stuffy nose so that you can eat and sleep. They work by temporarily shrinking the nasal membranes but when they wear off the result is often worse than before. However it is important to note that nasal sprays can become addictive so you should limit their use to several days.

If there is no change in a few days to a week a doctor may treat it as an infection and may prescribe antibiotics. Always take the full course of antibiotics that were prescribed, even if you start to feel better. The infection can return if the antibiotics were not taken properly and if it does return antibiotics may not work on it.

Surgery may be necessary in extreme cases where the infection does not go away even with antibiotics. Chronic sinus infection may require the sinuses to be surgically drained. This is done as inpatient care at a hospital.

Non-medical Treatments

There are several non-medical treatments that can be effective against a sinus infection. These are most helpful when used at the onset of a sinus infection to help keep it from developing.

Nasal irrigation is often a suggested method of treatment for a sinus infection. This simple procedure is done at home and uses warm salt water to gently irrigate the sinus cavities. This naturally thins the mucous in the nasal passageways. Nasal irrigation systems are available at health food stores and consist of a small pot to fill with heated water. Some people say that performing nasal irrigation at the onset of a sinus infection can prevent it from worsening and help it to heal.

Herbal tea made with eucalyptus may be helpful in clearing a stuffy nose. Some herbs such as sandalwood and pine can be used as an effective inhalant to loosen phlegm. A warm water pack placed on the face can help to loosen thick mucous and make the face feel better.

Stress has been found to play a role in the severity of sinus infections. Learn to manage stress and relax, especially when you feel a bout of sinusitis coming on. Lavender is an herb known to help relaxation. When you feel a sinus infection coming on use a lavender pillow or spray lavender infused water on your bed linens.

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids especially water. Water helps assist the body in cleansing itself and flushes out excess bacteria. Keep the home humidified. Dry air causes the nose to dry and any mucous in the nasal cavities to remain stagnant. Stagnant mucous leads to infection.

Refrain from smoking. Smoking can cause the mucous membranes to dry even more than usual and can facilitate more frequent infections. Stay away from second hand smoke as well as this can also produce the same result. People who smoke also have lowered immune systems so take a multivitamin that includes vitamin C.

Knowing the symptoms and getting early treatment can help to cure sinus infection. If you believe you have a sinus infection that has not improved in several days you should see a doctor. He can determine the severity of the sinus infection and prescribe antibiotics to help clear the infection more quickly.

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13 Responses to “How To Cure A Sinus Infection”

  1. mercola Says:

    I hear honey kills bacteria that causes sinusitis. But as always, it is best to consult a doctor first.

  2. Natural Sinus Treatment Says:

    Yes sinus is a horrible disease but thankfully there are a few effective natural sinus treatments which can give you enormous relief.

  3. Arpita Says:

    As I am a sufferer I know how terrible sinus problems can be. Thanks for this nice resourceful blog. I have found a website which offers some home remedies for sinus infections. I applied those myself and they are really helpful. These are ginger and peppermint. I have also read that a required amount of vitamin C everyday and licorice are also helpful. If anyone else suffers like me, they may test these at home. I think you will benefit as well.

  4. Wendy Collins Says:

    I have a simple treatment that is very effective at preventing a simple cold from turning into a sinus infection.
    When the sinuses plug up and mucus is trapped behind the opening to the sinus, the infection grows. Draining the sinuses is key. The best way to clear a sinus is to get air in and out of the sinuses. You can use a technique called postural drainage (using postures to place the sinuses by placing the cavity high and the opening low - the mucus drains out of the opening with the help of gravity)
    A simple example is when you sleep on your left side for a few hours you may find your left nostril is more stuffy than your right. Turn over to the other side and the reverse happens. The mucus is being pulled by gravity from side to side. When you blow your nose you will get some of this out but not all.

    There are many sinus in our heads and some are toward the back. Something dripping down from the back sinuses will drain down the back of the throat. (Post nasal drip). This can be very irritating because it results in the tickle in the back of your throat that makes you cough. When this happen try lying face down, sitting back on your knees(in yoga this is called child’s pose) You may find it is difficult to breath through your nose at first in this position because all the congestion from the back sinuses drain froward from gravity. All this mucus plugs the small opening to the sinus and does not allow air to pass in and out. Unless you can get those sinus passages to drain properly, the mucus will fester and become infected.
    Slowly take small sips of air into the sinuses by breathing in and out through one nostril at a time. You may need to take several deep breaths in and out through the mouth first to keep the oxygen flowing.
    This may take as much as ten to fifteen minutes to completely clear all the sinuses.

    Once you can get air in and out of each individual nostril, you may need to gently tug on different parts of the face to encourage the multiple cavities of the sinus drain. You may hear a whistling sound as the cavities open up. In order to get the last sinuses to open and drain you may need to gently “sip” when you inhale. This prevents the small openings to the individual sinuses from closing down from the pressure of too much air. You can breathe out more forcefully. This helps force the mucus out of the sinus.

    Also I wear a nasal strip to bed at night to keep the nostrils open.
    Of course the teas are necessary and using postural drainage in conjunction with tea to steam open the sinuses is extra effective.

    I had frequent sinus infections for years. Now that I use this technique, they are rare. I will still occasionally resort to medication as needed, but I need them much less often.

  5. Sinus Infections Signs & Symptoms Says:

    I’ve had sinus problems all my life and I can relate to anyone who is pain. I keep my own custom saline solution to help combat problems for allergies. Keeps the sinuses moist and flushes out bacteria/pollen. Definetely helps.

  6. Rahul Devaskar Says:

    Have you ever used NeilMed Sinus Rinse. It’s a great all natural product, and I recommend it to anyone. I also saw they are having a video contest with a cash prize.

  7. Sinus Treatment Says:

    I always used homemade natural sinus remedies and it is suitable to me too.

  8. sinus infections Says:

    Inhaling vapor from water and eucalyptus does the trick for me.

  9. Stephanie Harper Says:

    As soon as I notice sinus pressure symptoms I get started with my neti pot with a saline solution (mild) and rinse my nasal passages. This has always helped. It cleans out the lower passages, and subsequently gives mucus somewhere to drain. I also start drinking this mixture: a little water with olive leaf extract, echinacea, goldenseal, chinese ginsing and a packet of Emergen-C (good source of vitamin C and many nutrients … but also to kill the taste of the goldenseal!) … twice daily. These have a variety of positive effects on the immune system. Try it and let me know if it worked for you…

  10. Alternative Health Product Says:

    Another effective natural treatment for sinus infection is to chew a bit of bee honey comb for at least 15 minutes 5 times daily. Relief is usually found on the first day. This treatment should be followed at least 10 days to avoid a relapse.

  11. PPC Management Joe Says:

    My wife suffers from sinus infections frequently and uses “Ocean complete sinus irrigation” It works well for her.

  12. levite Says:

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